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About China black Granite

China black is famouse  pure Black granite. China black  is also named Hebei black , from the quarry in Hebei, China .
Suitable for tiles, slabs, countertops and monuments etc.

Size available:
Half slabs 240 up x 60/70/80 x 2/3cm
Big slabs 240 x 120cm upx2/3cm
Customer designs are welcome.

Recommend use of China black granite : Tombstone, monument 
Surface finishing: Polished, honed, bushhammered, sandblasted, flamed, pineapple, brush, antique
China  black granite floor and wall tiles are very popular laid as a bathroom tiles or a kitchen tile.Many of our clients use granite tiles as a wall tile contrasting against granite worktops creating a interior design masterpiece.

We offer China Black Granite tiles/slabs/countertops , dark colored, fine-grained extrusive rock, which is best suitable for kitchen and bathroom counter tops etc. These absolute black granite tiles/slabs/blocks available in various  surface ( polished, flamed ,honed, bush hammered etc) finishes and in tiles, slabs, blocks, prefabricated counter tops etc., as required.



Why granite is popular?

At the top of the list is granite’s extraordinary natural beauty. With the ability to choose from over 200 granite colors you are assured your countertop will be unique. Granite is by far the most durable of all surfaces used in counter top construction.
Hot pans can be placed on the surface without the worry of burning the surface.  Granite can withstand up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, and disperses the heat throughout its surface area.  Most household knives can be used to cut meat and vegetables directly on the granite surface.  With proper care granite surface are virtually stain proof.

Why choose black granite?

Black is popular, black looks great, black is more expensive, Absolute Black granite has almost become the de facto standard for kitchen tops in some countries, therefore there will always be someone trying to make a quick buck at your expense by selling you an inferior material at the top notch price.

What is meant by "black granite"?

"Black Granites: dark-coloured igneous rocks defined by geologists as basalt, diabase, gabbro, diorite and anorthosite are quarried as building stone, building facings, monuments, and speciality purposes and sold as black granite. The chemical and mineralogical compositions of such rocks are quite different from those of true granites, but black granites nevertheless may be satisfactorily used for some of the same purposes as commercial granite. They possess an interlocking crystalline texture but, unlike granites, they contain little or no quartz or alkali feldspar. Instead, black granites are composed dominantly of intermediate to calcic plagioclase accompanied by one or more common dark rock-forming minerals such as pyroxenes, hornblende, and biotite. Such rocks, because of their relatively high content of iron and magnesium, are designated as ferromagnesian or mafic. An exception is anorthosite which, though commonly dark, consists mostly or entirely of calcic plagioclase". So far a statement by consensus. We can now go ahead to use Black Granite as an umbrella term while offering the material under the (geologically correct) names above



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