COMMERCIAL NAME: China Black Granite
COLOR: Pure black

Density: 3250 kgs / cubic meter
Water Absorption: 0.03%
Compressive Strength: 180 MPA
Flexural Strength: 37.6 MPA

Use of China Black granite
Floor tiles

Inner wall panels

External wall cladding

Outdoor paving ,kerbstone , landscape stone

Countertops , worktops , Bench tops etc.

Monument, Carving, Photo frame, Stone signs


Following are China Black products from our factory

China black granite fireplace surround
polished black granite tiles
China black granite floor tiles
flamed China black granite
black granite stairs
black granite wall cladding
black granite planters
flamed black granite paving
China black granite slabs

We specialize in China Black Granite tiles and slabs for inner and external project

Polished China black grranite tiles : for inner floor , stairs ,inner wall decoration

Flamed China black granite tiles: for outdoor paving,patio paving , car park , driving way, walking way

China black granite natural split , Mushroom surface China black granite: very suitable for extenal wall cladding


China Black granite Co. Ltd is one of leading surppliers of China Black granite, which supply origin China Black granite, A grade , both China Black color and Black color with golden spots .

We have our own quarry and cooperate quarries , to make sure stable supplyment .

Production capacity of China Black granite : 800~1200 square meters per month.

Equipment : Gang saw machine, disk saw , infrared ray cutting machine, Automatic polishing machine, Bridge Filling, Polishing, Grinding,Waterjet machine, hand polished machine etc.

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